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Love Your Body

Your Path to Transformation, Health and Healing


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  • Your Path to Transformation

    In this book, you will begin by understanding and appreciating models of health and healing. These are important distinctions to transform your capacity to live powerfully in your body and to choose foods to optimize function. We will start with the  understanding of Allopathic Paradigm of Medicine. We will cover the power of detoxing and go over a number of health and healing exercises that give you the freedom to make better choices in your life that result in a profound shift in the quality of your life.

  • Your Path to Health

    Your physical health is one of the most important pillars of your being. We will cover understanding fundamentals of  nutrition and how they play a role in your immune system. We go into depth on your digestive system as well as your structural system as well as how your toxicity levels play a large role on how these ideas relate to energy and aging gracefully. 

  • Your Path to Healing

    In this book, we cover the ultimate importance that demonstrates how your mindset and what you focus on dictates how you feel. We cover topics ranging from how intention, expectations, limited beliefs, unresolved emotions, energy and conditioned patterns all influence who we are as a person. We also cover the fundamentals of trust, forgiveness and compassion as portals for healing. 

What My Readers Say

Here are just a few of the many things that my readers say about the book
and the impact that its made in their lives.

"For 35 years Dr. Barry Taylor has been supporting people to view their illness and disease as a pathway to healing and wholeness. Through this book you will learn to see yourself this way and to heal naturally."

Raz Ingrasci

Founder, Hoffman Institute Foundation

“Dr. Taylor is at the absolute frontier of blending spiritual wellbeing with physical vitality. His approach to health and healing is exactly what this world needs.”



Lynne Twist

Co-Founder, The Pachamama Alliance

“A clear look at some of the crucial elements of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. And, even more important, a warm invitation to the compassionate awareness that nourishes all healing.”


James S. Gordon, MD

Director, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

“…ultimately, this is an invitation to embody a more complete sense of wellness, peace, and love than you may have thought was possible.”




Jeffrey Bland, PH.D.

President, Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute

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Shipping is included and ALL PROFITS of book sales through the end of the year will be matched and donated to PACHAMAMA ALLIANCE.

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